Ripped Muscle Worshippin’ – Download


Laura Carolan

Meet the incredibly gorgeous, incredibly muscular, and incredibly Canadian Laura in complete “ripped” competition condition, and being worship by a Muscle Worshipper. Her condition is beyond none: blonde, very muscular…even her glutes are ripped to the bone. Won’t you worship her as her muscle worshipper in this video is? Come inside and have some fun! Laura is phenomenal and her worshipper is in awe!

She allows him to touch, massage and kiss her muscles all over. Veins popped out all over the place, diamond shaped calves, split biceps…she is amazing! But once her worshipper wants to get fresh with her and touch her breasts, she has a thing in store for him! She throws him to the ground and pounces on him. Then she throws him to the bed for some fantasy wrestling holds exemplifying her totally fat free ripped muscles! It’s just too much for him and he begs her to let him worship him again, which she obliges. But in the end, she throws him back to the ground with a stunning victory pose.!!





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