Muscle Girl Show Off


Colette Guimond
Muscle Vixen


Colette Guimond and Muscle Vixen reunite for a fabulous eye candy for their fans! These two awesome muscle girls love each others’ bodies and proceed to worship each other from head to toe. Colette with her thick musculature…Muscle Vixen with her sinewy muscles and sensual sexiness makes for a great combination of girl/girl muscle worshipping.

Colette is posing and showing her awesome physique to Muscle Vixen. Colette pulls up her mini dress and shows off her big giant clit! Muscle Vixen cannot believe the size of that thing! Colette then shows off her exceptional peaked biceps and even lets Muscle Vixen hang from them. Amazing! Also Colette shows off her thick muscular pecs, bouncing them and letting Muscle Vixen pound on them. Colette picks up Muscle Vixen and carries her around doing bicep curls with her weight. And also a nice piggyback ride with close ups of that big giant clit!

Colette asks Muscle Vixen for a sensual dance while she is on the floor. What a super duper dance she does. Colette loves touching Muscle Vixen’s sensual and feminine body, under her bikini, her glutes, it feels so super to Colette. Also Colette does some leg pressing with Muscle Vixen’s weight. Just watch them muscular thighs pump up and bulge before your eyes. Then a super happy ending for Ms. Extreme Muscle as she brings herself to climax with Muscle Vixen dancing over her!  



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