Big Girlz Muscle Power – Download


Colette Guimond
Kashma Maharaj

These two awesome Muscle Babes have got it going on! Colette Guimond and Kashma Maharaj together for the first time showing off their magnificent physiques. Watch them pose for you in artsy, sexy ways, wearing skin tight dresses so you can see what they are all about!

From biceps, to thick pecs, to huge and hard glutes, to totally outrageous thighs and calves and the widest backs you’ll ever see. Whew! Well, you just have to watch this video to really see how well they fit together as the thickest muscle girls out there today! They perform various lifts n carries on each other…both are extremely strong and love lifting. Then there is some great muscle wrestling with tight grapevines, pins, head and body scissors showing off the girls wrestling skills and more strength. Finally, they just cannot contain themselves any longer and muscle touch, feel, pec and belly punch to a grand finale of big girls muscle worship !






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